About Us

What is an autosurf used for? An autosurf is an automatic browser programmed to generate web traffic.

The principle of an autosurf site is to boost, increase as much as possible, the traffic of your website and this for free in order to increase the audience of your website, but also to make known your blog or your forum, to be more popular on social networks like facebook and twitter, or even get views on your youtube videos, subscribers or make your music known on soundcloud

This system works very simply, all you have to do is register your site on an autosurf platform and it will automatically redirect as many users as possible to your site, a kind of web traffic generator that can bring you from 100 to 5000 real visitors per hour .

Why do I have remaining visits or negative points on my links?


Having remaining visits or negative points on your links is completely normal: this happens when your link has received more visits than it was supposed to receive with the points available.

By adding dots back to your link, it will continue to display correctly.

What is the duration of validation of a site?


If the website is in the whitelist it will be validated automatically. Otherwise, it can take from a few hours up to 48 hours. While waiting for the validation of your site, don't hesitate to run the autosurf to start earning points.


The message - Cheat detected


When the message "Cheat detected" appears next to one of your instances, it means that it has been identified as not loading sites correctly. Your instance will therefore be blocked for a certain period of time.

To avoid this inconvenience:

  • If you use the browser: check that the basic resources (html/css/images) are not blocked on your browser and that the pages scroll correctly.
  • For the application and in general: make sure you have a fast enough connection to display the sites correctly.

The stages of blocking are as follows:

  • 1st anomaly: simple warning, no blockage.
  • 2nd anomaly: blocking of the instance for 3 hours, appearance of the message "cheat detected"
  • 3rd anomaly: blocking of the instance for 24 hours.
  • 4th anomaly: blocking of the instance for 48 hours, the webmaster will be warned that a recurring problem affects your instance.

An anomaly corresponds to one or more problems identified over a day.

Please note that recurring anomalies may lead to the following penalties:

  • Surf blocking for detected IPs.
  • Removed points earned with problem IPs.
  • Suspension/deletion of your account.

In case of problem, do not hesitate to contact the webmaster describing:

  • If you use the app or the browser
  • The type of machine (VPS, Remote server, private connection) you are using
  • The operating system .


Can I make money with Auto Surf?

Yeah, you can earn money with Autosurf TN, by transferring the points you earned or inviting a friend via a referral link, then claiming the amount you collected and adding it to your wallet on your personal account on https://autosurf.tn. Then you can use the money in your balance to purchase premium membership or Purchase paid services .

Note : You can only use the money you earn for free by purchasing on Autosurf TN website, and you cannot request that it be withdrawn for transfer to your bank wallets.